I’ve had the privilege of working with Emma over the past two years on numerous high-priority, Executive-level projects.Emma’s world-class design skills have taken our clients’ advertising and brand standards to an entirely new level of excellence. As a designer working remotely, she does an incredible job of maintaining clear communication and delivering creative on time. I’ve yet to encounter a communication or deadline issue when working with her. Emma is a true professional, a lot of fun and someone I hope to work with for years to come.
Jeremy Rivera – Little J Marketing – President

– You’re a rock star and everyone really likes your work.
– Love it Emma! You’ve really got an eye for layout. And the copy line is brilliant for this theme.
– She travels the world, yet upholds flexibility and punctuality. I know I can trust her to produce quality design standards my clients have come to expect. She is a gem, and her ability to ‘get’ my clients’ needs is a rare find.
Brittnie Wigham – Brand Aid – President

Emma brings high quality, professional designs to the table, capturing the essence of my client’s vision. I allow Emma to communicate directly with PointAcross clients, as her concise, clear, timely communication and professional demeanor brings my company client trust and retention, most important in the industry.Emma immerses herself into and understands any project brief she is given, quickly grasping concepts and turning out exceptional visuals that surpass expectation, with very little revision required – and all within the committed deadlines.
She has a fast response time and meets all target goals, as well as having design and technical skills in all areas of the industry. Emma works well with my team when a project requires it, as well as being able to take external project to completion independently. In the industry I work in all deadlines are rapid and under pressure; Emma excels in producing projects on time, essential for my company to maintain clients.
I request her skills again and again, and they she is an integral source for my team. I am delighted to have Emma as my supplier of design and illustration services, and have had a long and successful professional relationship with her.
I look forward to our continued relationship and the benefits it brings to my business.
Brian Owens – PointAcross – Owner 

Emma is extremely efficient with her time so that you get your final product on time or early; a rarity in her field. She continues to strive to provide the best designs possible that sets you apart from the rest. She is very collaborative and a great team player that can turn your vision into a reality with an extra finishing touch. Emma is one of the fastest designers I have seen, while still being relied upon for accuracy. She is easy to work with and a pleasure to be around and hope that I can work with her more in the future.
Emily Barrett – MLE Photography – Owner

Whilst with The iO Group, Emma completed text layouts and formatting for brochures, flyers, and advertising materials. She is very professional, detail oriented, and is a pleasure to work with.
Jay Mountjoy – The iO Group, Director